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It is important that any lighting system is fit for purpose: It should provide a quality and quantity of light that is appropriate for the environment in which it is being used; enable tasks to be performed efficiently and effectively; be perceived as comfortable and give people a high level of satisfaction.

Lighting Planning

Lighting accounts for between 5 and 15% of residential energy use and up to 30% of commercial building energy use, and continues to increase. In certain business types, for example the retail sector, lighting can account for up to 80% of energy use. This is due to long operating hours and the need to “keep things bright” and stand out from the competition.


We also provide free consultations to clients looking for better understanding of their business capabilities. All Projects are well documented using the latest technologies Like DIALUX. We provide hosting assistance too.Documentation is extremely important as a well arranged, easy to read and adequate document lays the foundation for quality, traceabelity and history for both the document and for the entire project documentation.